Books by Pamela Carron

Inspirational Drama, Intrigue and Romance

SEQUEL to The Shadows Dim

       A Whisper of the Sun


         Oh sun that shines in the sky above

           Caress me with your warm sun-rays

           Whisper to me in my ears the love

           Our Creator has for me these days

           That I not forget and fall away

           Whisper yes whisper, I pray

            Rain comes, clouds cover your face

            I cannot feel your warm embrace

            It is by faith my life goes on

            It is by faith I know I’m not alone

The lightning strikes, the thunder roars

            The storm so fierce upon our shores

             I bend, I bow down, but I break not

             This child I know, is not forgot

             The storm is over, again I feel and see

             Your streaming warmth flooding over me

             Then you whisper softly of love so dear

          Of my Father in Heaven who is always so near



                Stephen Benson is ecstatic when triplets he fathered are found and just as devastated when he learns that the man who adopted them was a man he hated. The tangled web of deception that was woven fifteen years prior comes back to haunt both Stephen and the triplet's mother, Chella as they strive to unravel the web. Journeying through the saga of mystery and intrigue that surrounds the family at Mecca as it grows and changes, they discover shocking secrets along the way, enduring trials and jubilation's, through the seventies and into the eighties as they meet the destiny for which they were born.