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       Pamela Rushing-Carron grew up in rural Mississippi, the sixth of eleven children. She currently resides in Neshoba County, Ms She   enjoys traveling and And The Shadows Dim was written in South    Portland, Maine, and Athens, Greece. The sequel, Whisper of the        Sun, was published after returning from a summer spent in a little   fishing village, Sayulita, Mx. 

       When home, Carron spends time with her large extended family. Having a love of words and the imagination it takes to build    unforgettable characters, she embarks upon a journey which sheinvites her readers to accompany her on.

       Simple and true to life fiction of The Shadows Dim and Whisper of the Sun promises chapter after chapter of suspense and to keep          the reader involved in the story line until the very end, leaving you wanting more.

       In print now is her latest books, Wings of Deception and it's sequel Another Deception, a thrilling story of inspirational and romantic intrigue.

       All books available now also available on Kindle!


From Portland, Maine:
“Pamela Carron has endless imagination and energy. Her talent as an author is evident in her creativity and attention to detail.”
— Becky Graves on Jul 24, 2011
Albert from the United Kingdom writes: “Pamela Carron is a born story teller; in her books Christianity is very important, but it never hinders the development of the story line.”

 Joan Feliciano writes:

Pamela, this is your best book. I loved it and can hardly wait until the next one is out. With everyone you write gets better and better.


Borrowed these books from a friend and was told there were a few editing errors but I was so engrossed reading each one that I never noticed! Original storylines and characters will stay with me a long time to come.

Rocio from Costa Rica:

I feel like I know the people in this book. They are so real to me. I will read more from this author!