Books by Pamela Carron

Inspirational Drama, Intrigue and Romance


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WINGS of DECEPTION     vol 1

Asa, an age old entity needs a new body. He has chosen one that belongs to Jacks, an avid atheist and attorney, specializing in child abuse victims. Honey, an agnostic psychotherapist, is transformed by a child with a terminal illness. Sheila, a legal secretary, is forced into marriage with a member of a dark cult and Dwight, the pastor of a small rural church, finds himself a single parent after the death of his wife. The four all band together to win a battle of good versus evil. In the fight for his life Jacks discovers his soul and his soul mate.  
This thrilling inspirational, romantic adventure takes place in New York City, rural Mississippi and the Sierra Mountains.

Another Deception vol 2

Book 2 of Wings of Deception is here!

 Book two, of Wings of Deception, continues the exciting, romantic drama of Jacks and Honey, as they overcome an evil attempt to destroy their lives. From the famous Neshoba County fairgrounds of Philadelphia, to New York, the Greek Island of Chios, and the Pocono Mountains, Jacks and Honey's faith is tested.
Asa, now inhabiting Jacks former college room mate, lures Jacks to him by using his biological mother as bait. He is desperate to control Jacks, as he did his grandfather, to keep control of the birth of the Blue Moon baby, soon to be born.
Frank Dear is the new partner to Detective Cranford, and has his own secrets connected to the same evil people, who are in positions of great power throughout the city of New York.
Jean, a hometown friend of Honey's, finds love while house sitting in the Pocono Mountains, where she brings Honey back to recover serious injuries from a hit and run accident.
You will enjoy familiar characters and fall in love with new ones that this story brings to you.